Hamilton Hub

Hamilton Creative Hub, a unique concept brought to life by YPG with the full support and active participation of the Wirral borough council.

Hamilton Hub Liverpool, a former office block in Birkenhead is being refurbished and transformed into a new student complex with studios boasting spacious living areas and kitchens and en-suite apartments, which will come with luxury double beds, study desks and stylish bathrooms, all fit for modern-day university living.

In an area lacking in adequate student accommodation, at least 200 tenants will have access to modern laundry facilities, a gym and communal lounge that are built around a central secret garden where students can relax amongst green trees and wooden archways.

Hamilton Hub offers cheaper accommodation than what is available on the other side of the River Mersey and most of the apartments will still have outstanding views of Liverpool’s waterfront, which is just a train ride away. Furthermore, Hamilton Hub sits beside the Georgian architecture of the historic Hamilton Square which has rail link to major universities and colleges, as well as the city of Chester.